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  • If I want to ship cargo from the Port of Bilbao to a destination abroad, who do I have to get in contact with?

    The shipping line on-line data base enables you to search for information by country of origin or destination and type of transport. The search result includes the contact person of the consignees offering departures for the selected country. These agencies can give you information on the details of the service and rates. If you need help to organise the transport, please contact the Bilbao Freight Forwarder section.

  • What ships are in Port at the moment?

    Every day the vessel report provides information on the arrival, departure and stay of the vessels in port and on the transaction they are carrying out.

  • What companies work in the Port of Bilbao?

    There is a directory will all the companies working in the Port of Bilbao.

  • Where can I find information on prices and rates?

    Information of prices and rates for ships and cargo is available in the Fees and Rates section. To know the shipping cost to a given country or particular shipping liner, search for the information in shipping lines where you will find the consignee agent to contact. If you need help to organise the transport, please contact the Bilbao Freight Forwarder sector.

  • Is there room for our logistics services?

    Since the beginning of the expansion works in 1992, the Port Authority has adequately provided for new shipping and intermodal requirements. In the Docks and Terminals section, you will find information on the structure of the Port of Bilbao. Contact us to find out possibilities of available space. Do not forget to indicate the type of activity and approximate surface area required.

  • When can I depart in the ferry to Great Britain and how much does it cost?

    There is currently one ferry service between the Port of Bilbao and Portsmouth, in the South of England.carrying passengers with or without a vehicle, in addition to lorries. For detailed information on this service and to contact the company that operate it, visit the ferry section.

  • How many tonnes of cargo and passengers pass through the Port of Bilbao a year?

    Last year, the Port of Bilbao registered traffic of 38 million tonnes of cargo and 179.582 passengers. You will find more detailed information on cargo traffic per geographical area, country and type of container in the Statistics section.

  • What position does the Port of Bilbao occupy amongst Spanish ports?

    It is always amongst the top 5 ports.

  • Who manages the Port of Bilbao?

    The Bilbao Port Authority manages the infrastructures. The terminals and warehouses are managed by private companies. You can find detailed information on the organisation of the port terminals in Docks and Terminals.

  • What is Shortsea shipping?

    By definition, Short Sea Shipping (SSS) is the transport of goods and passengers in the European Union, or between the latter and non European riverside countries in the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic Seas and Norway and Iceland. There is a wide offer of SSS services from the Port of Bilbao. For more information visit the section.
  • What is a motorway of the sea and what advantages does it offer?

    Sea motorways are configured as the ideal routes between two ports in terms of viability, profitability and delivery times, with regard to the same route by road. Visit the ro-ro section to discover which services admit ro-ro cargo. You can find information on future projects in the motorways of the sea section.

  • I need to write a report on the Port of Bilbao. Where can I find information?

    This web page will be extremely useful. The web map and the search engine can help you to find the information you require. You can find a selection of leaflets in the publications section that can be downloaded in Acrobat PDF. For more specific information, please send us an e-mail.