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The Port of Bilbao occupies a central position in many senses: because the very genesis of the town of Bilbao is, to a large extent, the consequence of the Port; because Bilbao is the point of reference in the north of Spain; and because it is located in the geographic centre of the Bay of Biscay, an intersection of sea and land routes, on the border of the Iberian Peninsula and the European Continent.

Equidistant between Bordeaux (341 kilometres) and Madrid (396 kilometres), the Port of Bilbao operates inside a hinterland also marked by the towns of Toulouse, (456 kilometres), one of the centres of the European space industry, and Zaragoza (304 kilometres), a great logistics and industrial platform, and capital of the Ebro Corridor, which links Bilbao to Barcelona, with an extension to Madrid.

The Port of Bilbao’s extended hinterland, according to the European Union, runs from the north of Portugal to Barcelona, whose GDP is 284,942 million euros with a 3.76% growth rate. To this must be added the data from the Portuguese area, whose estimated population is 3,667,813 with a GDP of 27,945 million euros, and also those from the French territories of Aquitaine (GDP 21,658 million euros) and Midi-Pyrénées (52,000 million euros).

Twenty-five million people live in this hinterland, which is also distinguished for its cultural dynamism and quality of life.