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Transoceanic Markets

Boat docked at terminal

Boat docked at terminal

The spectacular growth in container sea traffic, standing at 9% yearly - and15% in lines linking Europe and Asia – is bringing about important modifications in terminal appearance in order to enable the handling of greater volumes and to cover the needs of the new container vessels, which are estimated will reach 12,000 TEU’s in 2015.

In this context, the Port of Bilbao is taking positions in deep sea traffic through the optimum level of commercialisation of its infrastructures and the increase in sea transport with the Far East..

The Port of Bilbao has state of the art container facilities, with natural drafts over 20 metres and a wide Short Sea Shipping network with the main European ports.

All of this guarantees first class logistics for transoceanic vessels operating with the American continent, and with the Asian markets- especially China and India.

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