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Wide logistic offer

The Port of Bilbao is a real direct communication gateway between Spain and Europe: it is a flexible and dynamic port, capable of receiving any type of vessel and cargo, and with specialized services for all traffics. In addition, its modern electronic platform, e-puertobilbao, supposes the quickest and most agile way to expedite all cargo management both orderly and efficiently.

Port of Bilbao extension

Port of Bilbao extension

For the great logistics operators, Bilbao offers facilities with extensive equipment to satisfy the demands of both ro-ro and lo-lo shipments, with 2 continuous loaders, 5 ro-ro ramps and special loading and unloading facilities, together with a total of 10 container cranes, 16 transtainers, 56 gantries and 2 overhead travelling cranes.

The Port has 32–metre depths at some points, which allow the greatest vessels to berth: what stands out among its facilities are the 17 km of wharves and the ample cargo storage space housing more than 250,000 m² of covered storage surface, 30,000 m² of bonded warehouses, and 25,300 m² of cold storage.

The facilities are located on some 350 hectares of land surface and almost 1,700 hectares of water areas. There are specialized terminals for the following cargoes and traffics: general, container, liquid and solid bulks, fruit and vegetable cargo, and motor vehicles. Therefore, the Port of Bilbao’s ample maritime services offer facilitates access to the international markets.

The multimodal connections linking the Port of Bilbao with the main Spanish and European road and railway networks favour smooth and fast direct freight movements with a hinterland in continuous economic growth, as well as with the dry ports of Azuqueca de Henares, Coslada and Villafría, Burgos.

The Port also has an ample parking area for trucks, which is managed by APARCABISA and which provides different services. In addition, there is a vehicles terminal with storage space for up to 4,500 vehicles for embarkation.

In order to satisfy user demands, among its facilities the Port offers a bonded warehouse, recognized by the London Metal Exchange which is located at the Reina Victoria Dock at Santurtzi with 11 multipurpose warehouses equipped with the most modern auxiliary machinery.

The Port of Bilbao also has a perfectly automated perishables terminal, Frigoríficos Portuarios del Norte, that incorporates a tracing system for its pallets and that offers the possibility to import products from China and South Africa directly, due to its excellent links with ports from these countries. Estimated traffic for this terminal is about 12,000 pallets a year.

Concerning passenger transport, the Port of Bilbao offers a ferry service to Portsmouth (UK).

Bearing this in mind, together with the growth in cruisers calling at Bilbao in recent years, the Port is aiming at becoming an open door for tourists coming to Spain by sea.